Panetta's Catering

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Panetta's Build a Sandwich Bar Menu

Choose Either Deli Cold Cuts or One Hot Sandwich


Deli Sandwiches

    Deli Cold Cuts Tray Variety Cheese Tray
    Lettuce & Tomato Garnish Tray Kaiser Rolls

Hot Sandwiches

    Baked Ham Pulled BBQ Pork
    Roast Beef Chicken Breast
    Kaiser Rolls

Choose Two:

    Potato Salad Creamy Coleslaw
    Garden Pasta Macaroni Salad


    Potato Chips, Pickles, & Condiments
$10.45 per person
    * 15 person minimum please *


    Home-made Cookie
$  .95
    Second Sandwich
$3.75 each
Panetta's charges .30 per person for place settings brought with your order.
This includes: Eco friendly, heavy weight plates, bowls, napkins and applicable utensils.
*all prices subject to change*